Something about the camel getting his nose under the tent. It’s too late to protest about government forcing people to buy things. You are forced to buy Social Security and Medicare. Government has been regulating the amount of wheat and other farm products that can or cannot be grown. You cannot grow your own wheat for your own use. eminent Domain is a mandate that forces you to sell your property. Government has controlled medicine and doctors for decades. Government regulates wheat and farmers; fish and fishermen. Medical Insurance is just the latest in a never ending series of new  products controlled by government. Doctors and medicine are just the latest casulties. Regulation of food, clothes, car inspections, car insurance, drivers and loads of other products, services and the people who provide them began in America right in the Constitution where government regulated money and banks. Banking is the only business mentioned in the U. S. Constitution so it’s 223 years too late to argue against regulation in America. Government is involved in everything. Doctors are the latest, not the last.   So far, Marx and big governments have won the day, not only in China, Cuba, Russia, and America but in every nation on earth. Make that the Universe. Most people, almost instinctively accept Socialism and argue in favor of more government. Ayn Rand didn’t. See Rand’s brilliant articles written 50 years ago about “The Nature of Government” and “Man’s Rights”. If you are not throughly familiar with at least those two articles you are at a distinct disadvantage against Marx and most of the people on the planet. That’s partly why 80% of Americans, most Europeans and all of the U.N.  support Obamacare and all of the other so-called Socialized Medicine schemes.    Marxism is so throughly accepted especially by most people in medicine that the few people who oppose Socialism are marginalized. They are without the intellectual ammunition they need to win arguments against it. Those who fail to learn the major lessons of history are doomed.  

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