From AFP international, June 18, 2012: “Thousands of women representing social and farm movements marched in central Rio Monday to rail against the “green economy” advocated by the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development. Behind a large banner from the international peasant movement Via Campesina proclaiming “the peoples are against the mercantilization of nature“, they marched several miles to the Flamengo park, the venue for the “People’s Summit” organized by civil society groups on the sidelines of the Rio+20 event. Several hundred men closed off the march to show their solidarity. Perched atop a truck fitted with loudspeakers, a female activist howled: “This is a march of urban and rural women against this Rio+20 charade.”

The people of Rio can see the danger of UN Agenda 21 for themselves so they took to the streets. You can read all about the evils of Agenda 21 on this website and many others.

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