Some people are not clear about how Agenda 21 will affect property rights and there’s no one happier then Obama and the Left that implementation of Agenda 21 has begun and is moving faster than you can imagine to become the new way America is governed. It’s here in Bucks  County. What is it? Agenda 21 started to coalesce in 1962 with Rachel Carson’s hugely popular book “Silent Spring”. It was taken up by thousands of intellectuals including a let wing Socialist Gro Harlan Brundtland in 1987. “Earth Day” celebrations led to the Rio Summit in 1992, continued with Johannesburg in 2002 and it has been silently but certainly been fully incorporated into Bucks Counties Comprehensive Plans, including the currently approved Plan for 2011. It’s in your community and if you are like most people you are part of the problem because you don’t know about it but your silence is being taken as your agreememt with it. . 

Here are some of the  problems with Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 makes it more difficult to build a single family home —  because single family homes are not energy efficient.

Agenda 21 will make it more difficult to build a multiple family building unless it is a large apartment building.

Agenda 21 will make it more difficult to operate a private car. Private cars belong to individuals and they are inefficient uses of energy. Agenda 21 encourages bicycles and walking.

Agenda 21 will make it more difficult to use a private car because Public Transit is more energy efficient.

Agenda 21 will make it easier to use public transportation.

Agenda 21 will make it more difficult to maintain old roads and to build new roads because it encourages the use of bike lanes and walking friendly sidewalks. Don’t laugh. In Philly, at 22nd and the Parkway a six foot wide bike lane is painted bright blue. It starts on the right shoulder. It crosses the right hand operating lane and is BETWEEN the active car traffic lanes where it puts anyone on a bicycle in grave danger. Think about that. A bike land between the car lanes. Why was that done? It’s an in-your-face demonstration of the power of Agenda 21 to make bikes more important than cars. Agenda 21 hates the internal combustion engine. It wants people to get out of their cars. That means stop using a car and walk or ride a bike.

Agenda 21 almost got implemented in Lower and Upper Makefield. It was called the Scenic Byways  Corridor and it was presented by a Grant Harvesting Environmentalist Organization named the D & L Corporation.

Lower Makefield resisted the so-called “free money” which was tied to giving zoning control of the River Road properties to D & L, PA and The Federal Government. Upper Makefield approved the Resolution but one supervisor, Larry S. Breeden and his wife Barbara talked to the people who demanded the Resolution be repealed. It was but only because Larry started a brushfire. How close is that?

The Delaware and Lehigh Scenic Corridor attacked Property Rights. The Federal Register shows government would take over property if the owners refused to follow the Agenda 21 guidelines and allow government to construct “Byways, bicycle paths and walking trails thru private property effectively destroying the Right to use the property by the owner.

Giving up even a part of the property rights gives Agenda 21 it’s powers. Who benefits? Not the owner of the property. Who is penalized? The property owner as well as the value of the property.  Government gets to control more and more property. That means the amount of private property in America gets smaller every day because of Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 will make it more difficult to shop in malls and supermarkets because it encourages small grocery stores and fewer products in apartment buildings because no car is needed if people can walk to the stores. Yes, they expect you to use the stairs, not the elevators. Elevators waste energy. You can’t believe that? You think they are not that serious? Read on pilgrim. Government won’t need to build new roads because Agenda 21 favors bicycles and walking, i.e., human energy types of transportation.

 Agenda 21 wants to make it more difficult maintain old roads because roads are not energy efficient. Do you wonder why there are traffic jams that get worse yet government refuses to even attempt to update a road? It’s because years ago the nations dialog was manipulated to slowly condemn the automobile. First it was because it polluted so much. Cars no longer pollute. Diesel engines are even easier to clean up than Spark Ignition engines but Agenda 21 does not like engines. The phony reasons given by Agenda 21 to get cars off the roads are supposedly to help lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil. That’s been proven false. America has massive amounts of oil but Agenda 21 does not favor using them because they supposedly pollute yet Nuclear Power is also condemned, nor because it pollutes but because it’s dangerous. Agenda 21 Warriors are adroit at changing the subject when the inconsistencies in their arguments are exposed and they have been winning the ideological battles. Rio +20 is another example of their success. These people have been winning and America’s decline is inversely proportional to the success of Agenda 21.

 President Obama is working to continue to implement Aganda 21 in Amerca.

Now you know why Obama stopped drilling in the Gulf of Mexice. It’s why he shut down the Keystone pipeline and why has has refused to issus new exploration and drilling permits. See? It’s later than you think.

Agenda 21 will make it more difficult to own a private home or an automobile because they have large carbon footprints. For decades now, children have been asking parents; “why do we have such a big home with so much extra space?” Remember how many people were living in Dr. Zivago’s home after the communists took over? Fast foreword to Agenda 21.  

There’s much, much more to Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 includes control of school books to teach the culture changes needed to obtain Sustainable Development, Smart Growth and degradation of Individual Rights in favor of Community decisions that are supposed to be more Democratic than individual decisions which need Liberty or they cannot be made. You don’t think these are new ideas, do you? They’ve been around a long time but with the popularity of the U.N. and because of people like Al Gore, President Obama, the willing support of the brainwashed American Media and the imbeciles of the nutty Left, they have gone mainstream and viral. .

Agenda 21 works to control the economy. Environmental decisions that are expensive will be made on the basis of  the benefit to the env

Agenda 21 is in Pennsylvania.

Agenda 21 is in Bucks County. Read the Bucks County Comprehensive Plan 2011 that has been approved by the three Commissioners.

Agenda 21 is not about Freedom. It is about control of property by changing private property into benign sounding programs like Senic By-Ways; Stream Valleys; river walks. If an issue involves land there’s a high probability that it’s being driven by Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is not about freedom. It is intensly against freedom.

Agenda 21 requires more social control by governments and the U.N. You read that correct. Social Control. Sound ominous? (Correct answer is

: Yes).


Agenda 21 is not about the community. It is against the community in it’s basic fundamentals. It is about causing America to fly apart.

There’s a lot more about Agenda 21 that clashes with Liberty. This brief introduction will give you some idea of what Agenda 21 is about. It is profoundly Anti-American.

Agenda 21 is in America. It’s been here for decades operating under the radar. It’s still stealthy. It’s the Golbal Agenda of the Power Elites and the duped intellectuals, instead of something more like what it really is: a One-World strategy that is far enough along to be introduced as Agenda 21, the blueprint for the 21st century.

Does any of this frighten you? It should. If it doesn’t, go ahead and check out the facts above. Read the documents. Think about the implications. The Documents are in the Public Domain.


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