The Left likes to accuse President Bush of War Crimes for his invasion of Iraq. The Right likes to accuse Hillary of the irresponsible use of a secret computer . Neither will ever be charged. Even Bill Clinton got away with Monica. Only President Nixon payed a price for trying to cover up the Watergate break-in.

If Hillary was a member of Hell’s Angels she would be behind bars. Instead she’s not only free, she’s running for President. Whence the moral failure of the political class?

Well, Henry the 8th murdered Thomas Moore over the rather inconsequential but the 1536 law against divorce but even Cain who murdered Able got away with it. He was “punished” by living a long life. The benefits of evil began in the garden of eden when the law was broken by the first man who was helped by the first woman so Hillary’s escaping her crimes has a direct connection to Eve.

What about Morality, the set of principles that are used to live? Evil should be punished or in Hillary’s case she should at least be judged. Perhaps she has good and sufficient reasons for her behavior. Perhaps not but we will never know, will we?   


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