This is about the corrupt politics of some of the Northampton Republican Committee members who join together to keep non-committee Republicans in the dark. It’s about the willing roles played by Jerry and Sheila Bass.

On Election Day, May 5th, 2012, I was on the ballot for Republican Committeeman. Jerry Bass doesn’t live anywhere near the polling place but he travelled miles to put up low class political signs on behalf of his handlers. I was working at the polling place and didn’t see them but they said something hateful against Bill O’Neill. Free advertising? No, just typical “Low Class Bass” false information about me.  

Jerry is the husband of Sheila Bass. Her shamful name is mentioned, negatively, over 190 times in the Bucks County Grand Jury Report about the Republican Political Corruption in the Register of Wills office in the Bucks County Courthouse. The report says: ” Sheila Bass lied”. It details how workers were punished for not going along with the corruption by being told to sit in “The Bad Girl Chair” which was placed where? In front of Sheila’s desk. The report details keeping the record of illegal payments made with tax money in a “Pink Book”. According to the report, guess who was responsible for the “Pink Book”? Right. The wife of Jerry Bass. Seems they can’t do the right things.

Here’s some inside information about Jerry and Sheila Bass. They never, ever ran for government office. They are Back-Benchers, second rate intellects, followers and small people. They were appointed, not elected, appointed by corrupt Northampton politicians, corrupt people, appointed as assistant committee people for the Northampton Republican Committee. They worked in exchange for political favors. Sheila Bass was appointed to run the Register of Wills office after  Barbara Reilly and several other people in her office were convicted but avoided jail because of political connections. Why was Sheila rewarded? Why would someone who was part of the corruption, one of the leaders in the office, one of the people who rewarded and punished those who went along with the fraud or tried to avoid being part of it, be appointed to a high paying politically controlled position? Because she knew how the Register of Wills office was run? Of course not. There are hundreds of register of wills offices that could serve as examples of how to do the routine tasks and how to handle the special cases. Do you think it might be, say “Pay-To-Play”?

So on Election Day Bass attempted to expain things to my Republican neighbors, innocent people who don’t know the Basses and who would shun them if they knew more of their story. The Republicans laugh at him because they know he will do what he’s told to do. The Democrats laugh at him because unwittingly, (second-rate intellect), he helped the Democrats. Jerry told a fib when he wrote that I ran against Republicans. He prevaricated because he didn’t tell about the Republicans like Jay Russell, Steve McGill, George Komolasky, Jim Kinney, Peter Palestina and Vince Deon, 6 of the worst Republicans in Northampton who ran against me. Why didn’t Jerry explain that? 

The Low Class Basses also ignored the Democrats against whom I’ve run, unlike both of them who never ran at all. The Low Classes hid their bankrupcy, which, as you know means they didn’t pay for what they bought. Clever? No, just dishonest as well as an admission that they couldn’t run their business by paying for what they promised to pay for. I never failed at a business, had to declare bankruptcy or accepted anything for helping people. You can tell from the tone of this memo that I don’t have to resort to their kinds of amoral and immoral behaviors. Most people cannot think of the low-down things that make Jerry swell up with glee. That’s the way he has lived and that’s why there’s a difference between him and the rest of us. In a word it’s morals. His is a different moral code, a diverging set of values and principles, a clashing set of instructions for behavior, a twisted ethics, devoid of the principles practiced by the good people in a culture. An irrational, factually inaccurate, fatuous, insipid, self-serving, self-aggrandizing narcissist , devoid of Honor, Integrity Challenged and unfortunately, that’s the major part of the story of Jerry Bass.

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