He’s the Republican committeeman,who had no competition and was elected May 5, 2012. He replaced Jim Kinney, a perennial candidate who was a supervisor for a quarter century. Kinney, obviously not one to engage in a fair election campaign, took me to court the first time I got on the Republican ballot. Jay had helped me get the forms and the signatures for the petitions. I had no experience in court so when Kinney sued me in Commonwealth court I read the papers and learned how to respond to the lawyers. I read the laws, the opinions, the cases and the answers to them. This lawyer stuff is not really difficult if someone has an appitude for reading English. Law became another hobby. Engineering, is far more difficult. Court was a great learning experience that served me well when I sued Northampton township, 2x, in Federal Court and won.

Jay’s family believes he spends too much time with politics. His family farm business could use some assistance but Jay can’t focus on business or earning a living. He’s a hard worker when he applies himself but even though he likes to say he is a dirt farmer, he’s only a worker for the family and it’s too bad he can’t really help with the business end of things. Jay and I ran together for Supervisor in Northampton against 2 entrenched Republican politicians. We fought many issues against the corruption.  I made political signs for Jay in the barn at the family farm at 2:00 AM. We rode around putting up signs on many cold nights. Many signs went missing. Supervisor Komelasky told me: “Bill. If your signs are missing, we took ’em.” I never saw hin take them but there were reports.

I got to know Jay’s family, some of the nicest, kindest people, including Clifford, his dad, Norma, his mom and Jay’s daughter. Clifford passed away. Jay changed. More secrative, cynical, guarded, and prone to change his mind about or even forget promises. I wrote contracts for him, fed him, helped him on the farm, and gave him a 21 speed bicycle when his car engine swallowed a valve. He was very involved with his religion, the bible, his church and with the Constitution party but be became dis-illusioned with the leaders of the Constitution Party. Years went by. He registered Republican again and ran against me. He received about 1/3rd as many votes as I did. The Republicans were pleased;- with him because the incumbent Republican got more wotes than me. Jay was appointed assistant committeeman. He decided to have a write-in campaign as a Democrat. He wanted to be on both ballots. Now he’s an Official Republican Committeeman on one of the worst Republican Committee’s in Bucks, if not in all of America. They oppose outreach, are extremely insular and secrative. They have to operate in secret because if people saw and heard about their activities, they would be appalled. They work to keep their minds small and their deeds insignificant. Jay went from being a stand-up outsider to joining his moral opponents. Sometime life doesn’t go the right way. Sometime that a shame.  

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