Why not? What’s wrong with Mitt? Nothing serious. Suppose you are pro-choice. Romney is pro-life but Roe v. Wade is not going to be overturned because a pro-life president is in the White House. George Bush II would have done that but he didn’t.

Suppose you are pro-life? So is Romney. Suppose you want to go to war in Syria? Go ahead. But seriously, America won’t do that no matter who is in the White House.  America didn’t go to war in Tunisia. Sure some planes shot some rockets and dropped some bombs but that was it. America cannot master the events in the Middle East and it’s a mistake to presume Romney will put American troops on the ground anywhere in the Middle East. There is the Israel card. Israel is a key culture in the world, not just in territorial Israel so Israel will remain but there’s no predicting what Iran will do or what will happen in Syria, Lebenon, or even Turkey. There’s  instability  in the entire Middle East and Romney will have to deal with that along with the Allies and the enemies of America.

International trade has always been a weak point for America in the sense that there are policies for individual countries; policies for regions and policies for various economies like Communism, Socialism & Fascism but there’s never been an overall policy or a set of principles about International trade. That’s why America needs a good manager to juggle the international issues, work with America’s friends and manage the hot spots. Romney has proven success as a manager. Regardless of your understanding of Bain Capital, the Capital markets, the speculators and the other elements of the worlds economies, America will be better with a proven manager, a successful manager, in charge. That’s Romney.

If this seems biased against Obama, it comes out that way but Obama had his chances. They didn’t work. America is not better today than in 2009. It’s worse than it was in 2001. It’s far worse than it was in 1941 because the essential attribute of America, freedom, has been dimished. Rights, those intellectual ideas that took shape from the dawn of human’s on earth, those ideas that were written on the plain at Runneymeade, the Great Charter, Rights, brilliently articulated by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence; Rights, the protection of which is the purpose of the American Constitution are the small hope for justice against oppression, yet Rights are diminished by the United Nations and by President Obama. This election should be about increasing freedom but freedom is a strange issue for politicians. They never seem to increase it. That’s why government gets bigger. Perhaps Romney will shrink government. I hope so because Obama decreased freedom in lots of ways.  His signiture issue was the takeover of the medical industry. Obamacare dimished freedom. Ronmey wants to stop Obamacare. My suspicion is that cannot happen anymore than a baby can be walked back. Romney will try. He will change Obamacare for the better but it will not go away. That’s another reason to vote for Romney. Revenge against Obama for taking away some more freedom.  


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