America is Racist? A black man was elected to the “White House”. …..Twice!! . . .Cam Newton isn’t white so he cries Racist whenever he can. So far there’s no evidence he’s being singled out to be a quarterback in Superbowl 50 because he’s insufficiently white.  

To all the unoriginal people in America show they hate people for being insufficiently black,  Nuts!

The New York Times and a hundred other fish wrappers, using their least able brain cells cited an Instagram photo Cam Newton posted that some showed a group of black men wearing bandannas over their faces while pointing at the camera as if they were aiming guns at it as evidence that white people are racist because the photo showed Cam Newton and his friends were black men. What the photo showed is: people aren’t color blind.

So nuts to the black people who can’t get everyone isn’t black. Most people know there’s little or no racism in America, especially since the Civil War was fought to eliminate slavery. Most of the 1.1 million casualties and the 624,000 people who were killed in the Civil War were not black either so Cam Newton can join Spike Lee and go sit at the back of the class until they grasp the common sense test of the difference between black and white.

After all, it’s only a football game.  

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