It’s not right to go along when the crowd goes wrong. That’s why the entire 36 member Northampton Republican Committee is either all together going wrong or they are collectively dumb. My bet is on the conspiracy. Here’s why.

I know them. They are not dumb. Some are smarter than others but none are dumb. That leaves what? They are all in on it.  Conspiracy. Fueled by Corruption

In 2008, 2010 and 2012 the Northampton Republican Committee designed a mean website that attacked political opponents. So far, that’s OK but they lied. That’s wrong.  They were mean. That’s wrong. Only a few insiders controlled the websites. The Committee should have decided to play the game on a higher level instead of being mean, lying and acting stupid. The Committee, all 36, should have gotten the miscreants under control. The candidate who lost the 2011 election took his website off the internet immediately but he thought the opposition put up the mean website. They couldn’t have because sane people are not self-destructive. 

But the lying meaness is not confined to a website. It jumped the internet fence and went into print. The U.S. Mail was used to deliver thousands of lies. It got worse. Opponent’s signs were destroyed. Physical fights were started. Someone tried to run over an opponent. Right. With a car. The police were called, called again and again. Opponents signs were stolen. Some of the signs had to be put up again by some of the miscreants because a right-minded constable, a Republican, ordered them. There were witnesses. Some of the Committee people know the cowards who are giving Northampton a bad reputation. If some people are cowards and the rest don’t do anything to stop the filthy ones, they all become guilty. Each one. There’s no second way. Morality is absolute. There is no half sin. It’s either /or and remember; – they are not stupid.

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