In all cultures the number of men and women is roughly equal. When one man has four wives, three men have empty beds so they emigrate to Europe where Merkel welcomes them or to America where Obama invited them where they tell us: “welcome to the unbelievers: your infidel women will be out whores; your children our slaves.” HERE.
That’s worse than a basis for trouble, – to them it’s an invitation to rape the infidel women. Need proof? Look to Europe. The official media won’t touch the topic but the internet is on fire with the reports of  the massive problems with the Muslim Cultural Enrichers. 

The wars are not driving the immigration of womenless Arab men. It’s the lack of women in their own country so these youngsters went to Europe. For better or for worse, the West must prepare for “aggressive migrant”s who demand and need reasonable basic primary care, and with time without end on their hands, being very well-connected with their smartphones — they will hunt for females within their vicinity, who in turn cannot defend themselves because Political Correctness has left them without the usual societal protections so says German sociologist Gunnar Heinsohn in theNeuen Zürcher Zeitung.

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