Extreme left-wing ROLL CALL “reporter” Jon Strong accuses Congressman Fitzpatrick of payback to United Color Manufacturing Inc, a local 8th district job-providing global supplier. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Congressman Fitzpatick introduced many bills to help companies and citizens in the 8th district keep more of their hard earned cash but the dishonest article claims his bills benefitted Thomas Nowakowski, the president of United Color Manufacturing in Newtown because Nowakowski donated to political campaigns, as do millions of Americans. Strong needs to be reminded that no one in Cuba, China, Zimbabwe, etc. can do that. Strong doesn’t respect America. That’s why he writes against Fitzpatrick and others in America’s Congress. Excuse me while I go salute our flag.

Strong criticizes Fitzpatrick for trying to cut back on the government’s market-strangling duties on critical imports to make American companies better able to compete against China. Even big government Senator Bob Casey, no friend to business, disagrees with Strong. Casey spokeswoman April Mellody wrote in an e-mail:  “Senator Casey introduced these bills to help level the playing field for Pennsylvania manufacturers. These companies face unfair global competition … this company, (United Color Manufacturing Inc.) is sustaining Pennsylvania jobs and the Senator wants to make sure they have the tools they need to grow and retain their workforce.”

Jon Strong in a series of convoluted opinions claims eliminating duties are earmarks. Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp disagrees with Strong. Congressman Camp believes that Congressman Fitzpatrick’s bills are not earmarks, proving Strong is simply inventing the issue against the Congressman. Duties, unfortunately penalize American’s and make their purchases cost more. Good for Congressman Fitzpatrick for trying to eliminate some of the mountains of duties. United Color will be better able to compete against foreign companies but the bigger advantage goes to every citizen who will have more of their hard-earned dollars because of duty-reduction.

Thanks, Mike for being a great American. 

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