Glad to see one of my May 3 recommendations, – to file for Injunctive Relief in Federal Court against ATC regading the cell towers on private property, was followed. The underlying complaint can and should be expanded because additional issues are available to use against ATC but this is not the place to advertise them. Once again I get to say “I told you so.”

The township really got the cell tower issue wrong. Not a simple “we should have done this different” kind of wrong but a “Wow! what were we thinking about when we let all this happen?” In addition, the very air in Northampton is witness to the stupid policies followed for decades. Just “Look Up”. See the black stuff sagging from the utility poles and realize that it could be underground. And don’t tell me that it would cost a lot of money. Everything costs a lot of money. Philly has their utilities underground. The Township has no poles on Township Drive. Why should the citizens be so third class that we have to suffer the ugly stuff as we drive along roads that could be beautiful except for the atrocious poles. cables, transformers etc., etc.  

Northampton township does not even know how many poles are in the township. It’s not just the big utility poles but the poles all over the roads holding up signs and symbols to over-direct our lives that are so ugly. Think I’m wrong? How much is hanging in the air? There’s not even a word or set of words to measure all of it. How many thousands of miles of stuff is on the poles? How many poles?

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