Trump is so clearly and firmly in the American Center because he knows what’s wrong with both the Left and Right wings. He knows what’s wrong with the Democrats and the Republicans. He knows what’s wrong with the Liberals and the Tea Parties but he want’s to work with all of them to “Make America Great Again”.

Trump is a Nationalist and a Populist because being both is how he has run his life. No one makes a deal by forcing the other side to lose. Trump want’s America to win because he knows it’s right that America wins.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats know their voters. Trump appeals to both sides because he knows what’s important and he want’s to unite Americans from the East and Left coasts.  Populism means the regular people against a hostile elite. For a great example look at Al Sharpton who has never been anything except a shrill black man, neither in favor of America or Americans because his focus is so narrow he can’t get out of his own ruts in the roads he made.

Why is America facing Islamic terrorism? Why is Putin expanding another Russian empire? Why is China building islands in the Pacific? Why is there a China menace? Why is America facing yet another recession – a serious economic spiral downward, global in scope, with no good way out?  Why is Western Europe, which stood pretty firm against the Soviet Empire, unable to stop an army of angry refugees? Trump is the candidate who can reverse those issues.

Trump isn’t part of the ruling class. He clearly has no intention of ruling like Putin or Hillary. Trump’s Triumph is a victory of substance, not just style. For decades, the Conservative Movement promoted an unpopular kind of halfway populism, to convince struggling Middle Americans to support an internationalist agenda of mass immigration and pointless, undefined foreign wars; to get us to support cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security that became needed as the government took far too much money from us which sharply cut into our ability to succeed as government took away the freedoms to succeed in the face of all of the restrictions of, for example, an 180,000 page Federal Tax Code.

Look at the cause of the free-fall of the Mainstream, Tone-Deaf Republican Party Mess aka. former GOP front-runner Jeb Bush. It’s not because his personality problems are worse than Hillary’s; they are not. Jeb is far more likable than Hillary or Barack but Trump nailed his low energy. It’s a good thing Trump stopped there and stayed away from Reince Priebus because that opens up the systemic failure of the Republican Party which is not as bad as the massive leftward and imperialistic lurch of Obama and his fellow traveler Hillary, not to mention Elizabeth “Karl Marx” Warren who is far worse than both of them, but the Republicans failed America too.

In today’s America where the biggest political issue is the failure of the two parties to control Immigration, Trump has a very simple solution. Build a wall. The globalist Republicans have no way to answer that to the voters’ satisfaction because the question devolves to: the basic political question: “Whose side are you on?” Trump is the single best answer.

In the foreign press, the recent ascendance of Republican Majority Conservatives over Corporate Conservatives is being heralded as the End of Democracy. That’s because “Democracy” has slowly, surreptitiously been redefined as the opposite of majority rule. Trump knows that and has solutions.

Government, both Republican and Democrat supported Economic Globalization by restricting and removing our Economic Rights and supporting the United Nations as the way to increase the power of foreign nations at the expense of America and Americans. Trump knows that even if he hasn’t come out with closing the UN, at least he would build a wall around it to keep American’s safe from the UN.

Enter Obama who increased and traded on the forced support for un-necessary and therefore un-popular favors to balck people that he induced more or at least ratcheded  up the overt hatred of the Left which is so strong that many Americans felt they had no choice but to vote for Republicans —or simply stay home and not vote if offered candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Trump is more important to America than anyone since FDR. Remember him? Forget him at your peril. Reject Trump and submit further to the yoke of Hillary’s plans for big government.

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