There are 44 people on the “Real Republican Ballot”. The Real Republican Ballot has four Republican candidates running for President.– Romney, Gingrich, Ron Paul & Rick Santorum. None are on the so-called “Official Republican Ballot”. Why not? Republican candidates Janet and Bill O’Neill, are not on the so-called “OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN” BALLOT”. The so-called “Official Republican Ballot” that is being given out at the polls Is a fraud. It only has 16 names on it. Why? To manipulate us into voting for political insiders. Turns out the “Official Republican Ballet” is not official at all. It doesn’t even want us to vote for President.

The Real Republican Ballot includes 28 additional Official Republican Candidates . Why are we being mislead? 

If you are tired of crony politicians who have hurt the reputation of the GOOD REPUBLICANS,  don’t vote for the gang of 16. If your moral compass is intact use the  “OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN” ballot as your personal hit list to get rid of the secret brotherhood and sisterhood that in 2011 lost Northampton township to the Democrats.

And, on Election Day, April 24, push buttons 44A and 45A to put Janet and Bill O’Neill inside the Northampton Republican Committee where they can expose the double dealing that, unfortunately, has become the way the Crony Republicans of Northampton have been operating. There are six additional Real Republicans who are not on the so-called “Official Republican Ballots”. Stan Medwin, #44A and Bernadette Heenan #45A, District One. Joe and Veronica Carney, #44A and #45A in District Eight. Wayne Mills #43A in District Five and Lisa Gerhardt #45A in District Eleven.


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