Obama seems more like a Muslim and less of a Christian, –as he claims, in his heart and mind. Without doubt: he’s a Muslim sympathizer. He proved it beginning with his Cairo speech in 2009. Why did he even visit Egypt? Also, Obama was raised in Indonesia, the country with the worlds largest number of Muslims. His Kenyan father, grandfather and their wives were all Muslim. Remember his secret trip to Pakistan in 1981? He seems like a Muslim version of the Manchurian candidate.

Obama is more than a Muslim sympathizer. He has aided and abetted Islam and failed to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic and his with his non-action in the face of direct threats against American sovereignty and security.

By ignoring the growth of an Al Qaeda group in Iraq, (ISIS) Obama negligently pulled our troops out of Iraq against the advice of his generals, a criminal action by that allowed ISIS to metastasize, It allowed Iran, a sponsor of international terrorism, to move in and influence the government of Iraq, thus rendering a relatively free Iraq to become a puppet of Iran.

As a result Shia Iraq refused to let the Sunnis and Kurds in Northern Iraq participate in the Iraq government. That fueled disaffection, insurrection and the growth of ISIS and re-energized the 1,500-year-old war between Shia and Sunni. Because of the Sunni’s sympathy with ISIS and not the government of Iraq, when the bully ISIS came to conquer, the Sunni military that American soldiers trained and paid for, turned over their weapons to ISIS then ran for the shadows. Suddenly, almost overnight, ISIS had a powerful Sunni military, armed with American hardware, funded by Iraqi oil. Trump wants to stop the oil which will help stop ISIS.

Obama’s actions aid and abett the enemy. That’s treason. Iraq was and still is a strategic nation, in the middle of Muslim tribal chaos and war. American military presence was crucial to the stability of the entire, unstable Middle East region. Trump is almost the only person who can and will fix that and make the Middle East safe again for Americans

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