Smooth talking but lying lawyers David Chesley of L.A. and Mohammad Abauershad were hired by the San Bernardino terroists family to lie about the San Bernardino murders by two Muslims. The deceivers held a press conference and characterized Tasfeen Malik the female shooter in San Bernardo as a small, 97 pound woman who was soft-spoken which he seemed to think meant no one should jump to conclusions or judge her or her husband Syad Farook as Muslims until all of the evidence is in.

Nonsense. Loads of evidence is already in. The public can jump to all the conclusions we want and as the evidence mounts we are certain that she and her husband followed the Muslim Party Line. Tasfeen pledged allegiance to ISIS on the internet around the time she and husband Syed Farook killed 14 people and wounded 20 on Wednesday. We know she was born in Pakistan and moved to Saudi Arabia 25 years ago. She and U.S.-born Muslim Farook married in the summer of 2014 then killed 14 innocent Christian Americans and she shot at police out the back of their getaway SUV as the police chased them then shot them to death.

The Terrorists can be called shooters; a happily married couple; or the most peaceful people in the world; but the fact is: they murdered 14 people. Should their murders be blamed on ISIS or Islam? The fact is at this moment no one knows what went thru their minds right before shooting 14 innocent people. As more is learned about this murderous couple we can draw better conclusions but at the moment we know they both professed to be Muslims and that they had an enormous cache of weapons including dozens of hand-grenade like bombs, hundreds of rounds of military rifle bullets and they murdered 14 and injured 17.

No American flags were found in their apartment or on their computers. No evidence that they loved America but plenty of evidence they did not and no one in their right mind would believe they suddenly decided to use the deadly weapons they had carefully stockpiled. these people could have used their rifles for hunting but they were not hunters. And hunters don’t use pipe bombs to hunt rabbits. These two people are terrorists who were carefully trained to do what they did in San Bernardino.¬†Everyone near them and close to them is unfortunately or correctly associated with this horrible tragedy.¬†

Innocent or guilty requires a trial but in the minds of the people we are at liberty to draw our own conclusions and we must do that so we can protect ourselves in the future from the root causes of the murderous duo late of San Bernardino.Ilana Mercer has an expository column explaining the lying of the Farook family lawyers HERE.


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