They have several monopolies you know. A monopoly on the supply of Public Water, on Public Sewers and Approval of Building Plans. Here’s the issue. Is the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority part of the government or is it a private enterprise? The very name offers some clues. It’s not named “Northampton” because it’s a private company. Same for the words “Bucks County” in the name and “Municipal” and “Authority”. For years the NBCMA leaders have been saying it’s not part of Northampton’s government. The DEP issued yjr order to construct sewers in the West End to Northampton Township, not to the NBCMA. The DEP in a letter to the township manager ORDERED the township, not the Authority, to install sewers in the West End. Last week the Chairman-Who-Should-Resign read aloud the letter he sent to the township manager seeking help to force the video guy to stand in the back of the room instead of where the guy wanted to stand. If the NBCMA is not associated with the township why did the CWSR need him? The answer is clear. It’s been clear despite the lies to the contrary over the last five years. The Water Board is still controlled by the old Republican leaders who appointed all but one of the six people on the dais. The Water Board is run by five hand picked Political Operatives who have been interrupting the peace of the township and who are the Cause of the Chaos.

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