It happened on Saint Patricks Day. The police report reads like a juvenile went out of control. It was an adult. A man appointed to the Water and Sewer board, a “made man” appointed by those who lost the township for the Republicans.  The official, I refer to Republicans like him as “bad Republicans”, meaning those who helped design and carry out political campaigns that lost the township for the Republicans went a bit nuts. On Sunny St. Patricks day the police were called after the official threatened twice “to shoot” a person who had left the officials property after the official had angerly told the person to “get the [blank] off my property”. The official clutched his handbag dog, a fashion accessory, while mouthing some of the most vile language this writer ever heard. Great set of morals, right? Then, as the person was walking to their car, the official drove his car at him and reached under his seat as though for a gun. After the threat to shoot him, the person walked away briskly to avoid being shot and the official burned rubber in reverse and tried to hit him again. Why is this person or any such person in any official position? Should he be constantly supervised because of how he acts and what he says? Why don’t the other township officials speak out against tactics like these?

The official had previously been observed by the writer confronting a township supervisor in an angry manner

The official was appointed by the Republican Committee. By fellow travellers of the people against whom Janet and I are running.

Stay Tuned, as they say. This guy has acted like this before and it’s only a question of time until he does it again.   

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