Years ago a young man asked: “why don’t you run for political office?” We became friends, at least that’s how I viewed the relationship, and we joined in a campaign for two Supervisor seats. The relationship changed as he was caught in several back-stabbing incidents against me and some of his now ex-friends.

Recently he became a Republican Committeeman, a made man, a syndicated man, completely controlled by the party. The servitude suits him just fine. He is happier than ever and has continued to work against me, even though I recently fed him, gave him some special Chinese Tea for a bad cough he had, (he asked for a second cup, which was adaucious under the circumstances), and gave him money for gas. Of course he avoided explaining his new, underhanded mission as a provider of information to his new handlers. Pity. The party is not doing him any favors and he’s apparently blinded by his new friends and unable to understand his plight.  He was appointed by a thoroughly compromised man who is using him to get information. My old friend’s family has been at their wit’s end because he engages in self-destructive behaviors that have been harming him. His daughter refuses to speak to him. He owns no property; pays no property or real estate tax in Northampton. He has a bed and a car because of the kindness of his family and some people who don’t really know him but who feel a normal amount of human compassion towards a man who refuses to support himself and has nothing. You can understand how inclined he is to lick the hands of his political exploiters. He’s continued to do his best to hurt me. His behaviors have descended into jerky movements and outright fibs. He parks his van around the corner and skulks into my home to get information from me to use against me. A spy for his handlers. Me? Because of normal human compassion for any woulded animal, I’m inclined to help him but to protect myself I have to be cautious. I have no respect for the people who are mis-using him. I consider it the adult equivalent of child abuse. No one can help him but perhaps, if he reads this, he will come to understand his plight and the sadness of his family and of his old friend at his condition.  

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