Feb. 28, 2012. Good Morning Northampton !

A year ago I tried to get the Northampton Republican committee to do the right thing.  I  warned them they were ready to endorse a Supervisor candidate who could not win. Some people , (wrongly), think I helped the Democrats by helping Dr. Kimberly Rose. but they ignore the Republican candidates I did support. The hatred for the residents who speak out, hatred visible at the Water Authority and Supervisor meetings, as the same old political operatives who will stoop as low as they can to hold onto their illicit power continue to slant information. They know how to game the system at the expense of the residents. They did it for decades as some crafty, rule-breaking insiders manipulated the local Republican Committee and the powers they had as Supervisors, to run a closed shop that seemed to give out some contracts based on how much the victim “contributed”. They kicked me and several other Republican residents out of their so-called meeting that was open to all. Their behaviors were known and The Courier called it “Pay-To-Play. I’m not accusing them all nor any one of them of any crime but why do they kick-out residents from their open meetings? Why don’t some of them speak up? Why don’t any of them refuse to participate in a secret meeting?  This is clear to me. I believe their hate blinds them and gives them a false and inflated idea of how powerful I am so they blame me, not their own wrong-headed tactics for the defeat of yet another incumbent. Unfortunately for them their prattle about me helping “The Democrats” is impossibly false. Think about this. On their side are 36 Republican Committee people, 100 Bucks County Executive committee people a Republican State representative, a State Senator, U.S. Congressmen and numerous Republican office holders and political appointees. If the Democrat won because of me, how weak are these people? But that defies logic. How could I, one man or even ten men like me defeat an incumbent Supervisor when the incumbent is backed, financed and helped by all them?  Sure, they defeated me but they did so using despicable  tactics. A Republican Supervisor was caught kicking over my little political signs on election day. Several Republican committee people ripped up and destroyed my little political yard signs. A Bucks County Constable forced several Republican Committee people to put back some of the stolen signs. By stealing and destroying my political signs and by putting another candidate on the ballot to draw votes from me I came in a close second but didn’t win. OK. That’s partly my fault because I should have done more fundraising and paid more poll workers to watch over my signs at the polls but their dirty tricks didn’t end with the election They engaged in a bitter post-election smear campaign against me and other private citizens. Their dirty tricks included using a website the The Bucks County Courier called “Venomous”. They were helped by the husband of a woman who was named over a hundred times in the Grand Jury Report about the Register of Wills scandal. He wrote a letter to the Courier about which the Courier called me before they published it and the accusation was so far out of this universe that the Courier printed the truth about it at the end of his mis-informed letter. The note at the end from me should have alerted the miscreant that his accusations were fabrications but he still, I believe labors under the mis-belief that he was helping the Republican party instead ot helping it’s defeat in Northampton. I believe he’s been duped by them but I might have that backwards. Good company, right?  Unfortunately theirs was a Pyrrhic victory. They defeated me then lost the entire township government to the Democrats.  What would have happened if the Republicans had supported me in the Primary insteaad of the incumbant? If I had won the township would still be run by Republicans. Also, the Democrats didn’t win on their own. Too few Democrats voted. Hundreds of Republican residents helped defeat the incumbent and some Republican committee people did the right thing by refusing to support the endorsed candidate.  There’s no denying it was a hard and difficult choice for residents because they  were told fibs and had lots of dis-information thrown at them by those in power but it was the right thing to do for so many good Republicans, so they stepped up and voted against their party. Their choice was a moral decision. The right thing was clear. Here’s what the citizens had to decide at the November 2011 election. Choose between their party being in power for six more years with an incumbent supervisor who angered the residents, or decide it was time to get rid of someone who was hurting the people and the Republican party right now.  In some ways a choice between good and evil. This is also true: the Republican leadership in Northampton began losing the support of the residents years ago.  Four years ago, two Republican Supervisors lost their seats on the board. Why? Because the leadership did not grasp what was going on in the minds of the good people of Northampton. By failing to understand that the residents were fed-up with the back-room dealing, the stonewalling about the now infamous 537 plan, (which cost many residents lots of money), and the expensive insider contracts including the insider Insurance contracts, another incumbent supervisor was defeated last year giving control of the township to the Democrats. The Republican leadership should but refuses to accept responsibility for the losses and they show every sign of continuing to believe: pushing residents around; holding secret committee meetings; kicking -out Republican residents from the Republican Committee meetings; ignoring the problems of the residents; making the problems of the residents even worse; and keeping citizens from speaking out at the Republican Committee meetings and the Water board meetings, will win. The chairman of the Water Board should step down. He refuses to allow citizens to speak their minds or to bring problems to the board. He insults them. He calls them names. He gavels them into silence or calls for a recess. Even Mr. Rothermel, an elected supervisor was silenced by the chairman of the Water board, ….  but eventually it won’t work in America. Free speech will prevail. I suppose the cover-ups and the insults is still working in Northampton, because last night, 2/27/2012, I was kicked out of the Northampton Republican Committee meeting, ….  again. The party rules say everyone is welcome but not in the Northampton Kremlin. Despite the rule-breaking, the information is seeping out and eventually they will be defeated. Then they can go feed the pigeons at the park.


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