Iran is a rogue country. Rogue countries have no rights. Several Iranian entities are subject to US sanctions under Executive Order 13382 “Designations for Proliferation Activities and EO 13224 Designations for Support of Terrorism. The government suppresses Rights therefore Iranian citizens cannot exercise their rights. When a group of people or a nation does not recognize Individual Rights it cannot claim any rights whatsoever. When it supports Terrorism as a government policy it not only has no rights, it acts to destroy the idea of rights so no one nor any country is under an obligation to respect the rights of Iran.

 Because the country of Iran has no rights, anyone has the right to go there and take whatever action they want against the government including invasion because they would be dealing with the government the way the government deals with each other and with their citizens, – by force. No one has any reason to recognize the right of Iran to exist.


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