It’s easy to love lions when they are behind the strong bars of the lion house or on the screen in a Disney movie but that’s out of the question when your children might disappear. Tarzan called one Numba when the world was a simpler place but the lions of Africa are going the way of the dinosaurs because of the identical reasons. No one needed a dinosaur.

The myth of the good lion is belied by facts. Roaring lions greet the beginning of an MGM movie. They eat mammals. The people who live around actual lions know this.

Here is the natural law arrived at by logic. Large cats are dangerous. A lion is the largest cat. Africans figure this out pretty much without actually using logic.

Cecil cost $50,000. How many people benefited from the $50 grand? There’s no info about the number but in a land where money is very scarce, a lot. Should he have been killed? The PoCo’s certainly are in agreement. It’s wrong to kill anything with four legs says PETA while they munch-up their morning bacon. The Great Rift Valley is the cradle of civilization but the two leggers beat it outa there long ago.

What’s the take-a-way from Cecil? A lion in a movie is fine. A lion in the back yard is a different matter.

If you go to see lions, stay outta the cage.

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