“Nothing to see here, keep moving” should be the Campaign Slogan for Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton whose industrial strength lying is almost without parallel except by some third world dictators and tyrants. Hillary’s brazen defiance of morality itself with her purposeful destruction of her classified State Department e-mail’s almost puts her in the Jonathan Pollard catagory. Clinton loyalist Sid Blumenthal is characterized as a “secret Spy” who reported to Hillary. Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA chief, appears to have gathered and prepared the reports for Blumenthal. Then there is Huma Mahmood Abedin, a figure of almost legendary notoriety. Consider also the article-report in the Daily Mail by Linda Tripp. (HERE).

The “Bimbo’s” might be her undoing.
Linda Tripp;
Kathleen Willey,
Geniffer Flowers;
Paula Jones;
Juanita Broadderick;
Elizabeth Ward Grayson;
Dolly Kyle Browning;
Naomi Robson;
Belinda Caroline Stronach;
Marjorie Armstrong “Markie” Post;
Sally Perdueis;
Dolly Kyle Browning;
Jeffrey Epstein’s private airliner: a Boeing 727. Epstein was convicted in 2008 in Florida for soliciting underage teenage prostitutes; “Arkansas state troopers who said under oath that Clinton used them to enable his sexual escapades in Little Rock. And we know that Clinton has lied about his past behavior—including the sizable lie that underlay the supposedly informed decision of the American people that they didn’t care about his womanizing, per Vanity Fair; his elaborately careful 1992 denials of his affair with Gennifer Flowers; all of which Hillary not only knew about but she managed the attempts of the cover-ups. They all tell the same shocking story about Hillary’s massive evasions of the truth to get the bimbo’s under control and out of sight. It didn’t work.

Linda Tripp can’t let it go. She spoke to the Daily Mail about why Hillary Must Not Be Elected President. It would be like electing the devil to be Pope.

Bill Clinton is accused of traducing every boundary we have uneasily set around sex in the workplace but Hillary is the enabler, the consigliere, the woman who at the very least is missing the integrity chip. She has serious morality problems. She’s demonstrated that many times from Travelgate to Whitewater to the missing billing records and on and on right up to the missing e-mails and now we know she received “special treatment” and paid $600 for a haircut and probably another $600 for hair coloring.

Don’t forget: “It depends on what the meaning of is is.”

These are practiced prevaricators.

Maybe Pope Francis can help her when he comes to the U.S. but it’s a bigger job than what he’s used to. President Bush was defeated because he broke one campaign promise. Hillary can’t keep one.

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