Trump called her the worst Secretary of State ever.
When she went to Egypt people threw rotten tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade. They chanted: “Monica, Monica” to taunt the former first lady for not attending to her husband.

Hillary was in Egypt in 2012 to raise the American flag at the Consulate General’s office. That was a mistake and a disgrace. She should have known that Alexandria’s Jews were whipped out. Her presence in Egypt supported the evil regime. It was a stupid childish mistake and a disgrace. It showed everything wrong about her foreign policy.
Madame Secretary is not just a disaster throughout the Mideast. Her Russian policy has been a catastrophe. She sternly warned the Russians (and the Chinese) that they “will pay a price” for their vetoes of U.N. sanctions against Syria’s Alawite regime.

The old schoolyard taunt applies here. “You and what army?” Her and Obama weakened America’s military without a plan or strategy to strengthen it. The cuts are taking America’s army back to pre-Pearl Harbor strength. The Navy will see more ships lost than at Pearl Harbor.

Clinton’s toothless threats to make Russia pay a price must evoke laughter in the Kremlin. This is the same Russia to which she gave a pass with her infamous red “Reset” button in 2009. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was not amused at her adolescent gesture. He pointed out that she hadn’t found the right Russian word for “reset” (it translated to “overcharge”), and the button was not even in Cyrillic characters.

Madame Secretary was only too happy to send ten Russian spies home in first class. She didn’t want to let anything disturb President Obama’s “Hamburger Summit” with then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. What an act of weakness! And the Soviets — er, excuse me, Russians — would not be slow to feel the slack in our foreign policy line.

Hillary Clinton, ruined America’s “special relationship” with Great Britain. She echoed Barack Obama’s use of the Argentinian name for the British Falkland Islands. President Ronald Reagan staunchly backed Britain and his stalwart ally, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. But no more. Hillary calls the Falklands “Las Malvinas.” (At least she didn’t compound the gaffe by stupidly calling them the Maldives, as Mr. Obama did!)

Some Americans give Hillary high marks, maybe because of buyers’ remorse.
In foreign policy Hillary has racked up a terrible record. Why is she being considered for President? Because a large number of Americans should be in analysis.

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