A Planned Parenthood doctor’s privacy was violated in a most egregious way by an anti-abortion lawbreaker who secretly video recorded her entrapment by anti-choice zealots. She was deceived by people who claim to support ethics but who violated every ethical rule in pursuit of their maniacal obsession against women which is what the anti-abortion movement is at bottom. The good doctor attempts to preserve fetile organs and tissue after an abortion. What is an abortion? It’s the removal of a fetus from a pregnant female. The fetus may be removed intact but frequently because of the measurements the doctor takes other measures. Despite the constant objections of the religious right the fetus is not a baby. It’s a fetus.

The Planned Parenthood doctor was recorded during a medical explanation of the procedures that could be used to preserve fetal organ tissue. Rush Limbaugh has this to say about the secret videorecording. “We Cannot Ignore the Sickening, Evil Depravity of Planned Parenthood.” That’s three lies by Limbaugh in one sentence. Limbaugh should be ashamed. The public should be outraged about all of the ethical practices that were ignored to trick and manipulate the words of a doctor by the illicit recording. Limbaugh is silent about the means used in pursuit of his agenda. Limbaugh has a lousy record with women. Planned Parenthood is a heroic organization because it improves and saves the lives of pregnant women. The great number of abortions proves it.

Organ donations save lives. Planned Parenthood doctors are under maniacal attack from the Extreme Right Wing over organ donations. Organ donations are legal in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Guam. Rush Limbaugh has objections to organ donations. He was outraged over the use of fetal organ donations because of his religiously motivated anti-choice position. He opposes abortion.

But Rush to his credit does admit to being wrong some of the time. This is one of those times.

an illegally recorded farce committed against Planned Parenthood by some extremely unethical people on the extreme edge of the extreme right wing who entrapped a doctor into talking about organ donations from aborted fetuses.

Organ donation is emotionally freighted. It’s also gruesome stuff as are most medical procedures that involve surgery. Tissue has to be specific. A lung cannot be used to replace a kidney. The tissue must be carefully matched and anti-rejection drugs are used post op to help the tissue be accepted against the natural rejection by the receiving body.

Religious objections have severely limited organ donations which causes people to needlessly die because of the objections of many religious extremists. In immunology, organ harvesting is a surgical procedure that removes organs or tissues for reuse. It is mired in ethical debate and heavily regulated, but has largely become an accepted medical practice.

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