Northampton has many streams running thru it. All of the roads and parking lots collect rainwater that used to seep into the ground. The rain flows into the storm sewers and eventually is discharged into the streams. Before the storm sewers were constructed the rain that fell onto paved surfaces would seep into the ground. Now it is discharged into the streams. So the streams overflow when there is rain. That erodes the stream banks. The erosion becomes silt that is carried along and deposited downstream. The stream flows slower during dry weather and the flow increases greatly during rain events. You can see evidence of severe erosion by driving up Stevens lane off of Old Bridgetown Road and looking at the ugly results of incompetent engineering that caused massive stream bank collapses into the used-to-be scenic Pine Run Creek. If you look closely you can see part of the private fence that has been eroded into the stream.  

DEP has been on a mission to shut down private septic sytems to force people to connect to the so-called public sanitary sewers, so-called because they are not controlled by the people who paid for them or by any elected officials. The Water Authority is a rogue organization that has no place in a Capitalist system. It’s neither a free market creature nor a government operated creature. It’s out of control by it’s nature. It should be closed and the sewer and the water systems operated by the Township Manager. There are two sewer systems. One for sanitation, the other to collect rainwater from parking lots, roadways and driveways. The Storm Drain system causes massive flood levels because rain water is not returned to the ground but comes pounding thru Northampton because it is not drained thru the paved over earth. Instead it is dumped into the streams so the double whammy of high flood levels and lower water tables happens because of the dopey people who have been in charge were unable to grasp the environmental damage done by the dopes. they didn’t understand the physics and they are too ignorant to repair the damage they caused. Remember, huge floods are caused when storm sewers discharge into the streams instead of returning the water to the ground.

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