First because of his race. White Guilt and Black Pride for electing the first black president explains why people still say he’s doing a good job. Second because most people are astonishingly ignorant about government they don’t really when Obama is doing a bad job. Third because people think government is hard and laws are difficult to write so they respect office holders far in excess of the way they would judge Obama if they knew how easy the job is. Obama has squads of experts and advisers who give him answers to everything so most people think he’s smarter than he is.

Fourth because people think elected officials are smarter than the population at large. Fifth because most people who do not know the media believe the newspapers and T.V. people know what they are reporting and writing about. Hollywood reinforces that wrong belief by portraying the President almost like a super-hero when it’s just not so.

Sixth and perhaps most important is people tend to self-reinforce the reasons they think they voted for Obama. When he breaks their trust they think up reasons to excuse his unexpected misbehavior. Advertising specialists know people who decided to vote for Obama keep looking for reasons that prove they were right. When someone buys a new car they watch commercials about the car they bought to find reasons they made the right decision. It’s false but it’s buyers happiness.

Even when Obama leaves office the people who voted for him will still think they made the right choice. It’s almost impossible to change someone’s mind even when the evidence shows they were wrong.

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