He should have removed the body of Christ from the top of the wooden statue of the Hammer and Sickle then thrown it on the ground. Instead Pope Francis gratefully accepted the statue given to him by America hating Bolivian President Evo Morales and carried it back to Rome to add to his massive and expensive collection of priceless art objects in the Vatican Museum. the Pope is the richest man in the world if the Papal Art Collection is valued in American Dollars. That Pope Francis is a friend of the ideology represented by the hammer and sickle is well known He called Capitalism, an economic system based on the Liberty of the individual to the ‘dung of the devil’ so he’s clear on which side of the political wall he stands.

Pope Francis is also clear about the sinful nature of money which he also condemns. Wonder how he paid Al-Italia for his airfare?

The Pope must be against America, the one country firmly based on Liberty but he accepts the money the Catholic churches in America send to him. Why is he coming to America if he is so against Capitalism and money? But Pope Francis went even further. He said Capitalism is a tree poisoned at the root that can yield only bad fruit, and, as the Gospel teaches, ought to be cut down and cast into the fire. What system does the Pope want people to follow> What country or culture is better for people than America? As Pat Buchanan wrote: “The 100 million people of Eastern Europe, the 300 million of the late Soviet Union, the 1.2 billion people in China‚Äďare they not better off the further they have moved away from Marxism, and the closer they have moved toward free-market capitalism?” Why did the Pope not mention that when he supported Socialism as a kinder system than Capitalism?

Pat Buchanan asked: “Why not leave the socialist sermons to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren?

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