White people are leaving her party in droves as reported by the National Journal. They wrote: “so while Republicans fret about their party’s outreach to Latinos and other minorities, this one Saturday morning door-knock encapsulates the fear among leading Democrats: Their party no longer speaks to white people, particularly white men, and they could lose the White House because of it.”

Meanwhile, DOnald Trump rocketed to the top of the polls in a few weeks because he’s voicing the sentiments of the American voters. As Dana Milbank wrote about trump: “Anti-immigrant? Against Common Core education standards? For repealing Obamacare? Against same-sex marriage? Antiabortion? Anti-tax? Anti-China? Virulent in questioning President Obama’s legitimacy? Check, check, check, check, check, check, check and check.” But Milbank doesn’t know those are also the ideas of the American voters, a group about which Milbank is ignorant and Trump understands.

Where is Hillary on “Immigration”? She want’s to give them full citizenship. Politico characterized her speech as a “pivot to the left.” …..developing

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