Did Komelasky/Deon start the fight or did the residents attack first? 

Here’s the problem with the argument that Deon was attacked first by the disgruntled residents. He had power; – the residents didn’t. He had information. He kept it from the people. He had help with the issues but the residents had to learn while under fire and when they found they were mis-led they felt betrayed. In that light some of their tactics take on a different color.

They wern’t looking to start a fight but the lies were the cause of the animosity. The lies started the fights 

My take is Komelasky was and has been the leading GOP leader (there were helpers) who caused the hostilities with the residents which eventually caused the entire Deon debacle. Vince was caught in it and didn’t know how to break out. Komelasky started it and because he knew or should have known what to do and he did know or should have known what he was doing, the blame is his. I also believe that Komelasky didn’t try to start a war against the residents of the West End. He resorted to the typical bluff and bluster tactics that always had worked in the past. That’s the predictable, – the typical tactic of the bully who expects to prevail because of intimidation, i.e., the use of intellectual and emotional force.

Just as a parent has the power to control situations with their children, Deon could have stepped up but he didn’t. He dug in and made a tense situation explode. 

My supposition is Deon was the wrong man  in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had other qualities and frankly the GOP didn’t do Vince any favors putting him out front like that. That’s not to extract Deon from the responsibility chain or net. Komelasky is a different story. He’s leading the attacks but he protrays himself as the victim. Almost any reasonable person can predict what’s going to happen here.

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