Is it time to actually free the black people from slavery once and for all? It’s rather simple, just tear down the Rebel flags.

Yep, there are people who actually believe the Confederate Battle Flag is the only thing holding back black people from participating in a fully free society and succeeding where they have been failing. What else explains the frenzy to remove Confederate Battle Flags’s?

In Memphis, TN the City Council appears to have lost their minds.
City leaders in Memphis plan to dig up and move the 150 year old dead body of Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest, who is currently buried in a city park. That should help black people immensely, right?

The Memphis City Council voted unanimously to exhume the grave of Forrest and his wife and move them from Health Sciences Park to a private cemetery. The Council also voted to remove the statue of Forrest on a horse that currently looms over the park.

“Nathan Bedford Forrest is a symbol of bigotry and racism, and those symbols have no place on public property,” Council chairman Myron Lowery told Fusion. “What we’re doing here in Memphis is no different from what’s happening across the country.”

What they are doing in Memphis is nuts. There is no such thing in Memphis as Nathan Bedford Forrest. If he is the best they can do to show what is holding black people back and keeping them down they they should be cheered. What if it’s false? What if exhuming the disintegrated body doesn’t work? What if black people still harbor grudges and hate after the exhumation?

Taking down the Confederate Battle Flag in South Carolina didn’t work. Digging up General Forrest won’t work either. Electing a black man as President didn’t work. Paying for 37 elaborate and expensive vacations for his wife and family didn’t work. Black people are not satisfied. Even worse, many are angry.

So reasonable people are asking: “what crazy thing will the people who are not satisfied with the results of the 13th Amendment that freed every single American slave in 1865 demand next?

They want the South disintegrated. Every state in the confederate States of America must be disappeared. That might help but based on human nature and past experience it will not eliminate the race-based behaviors of those who simply hate white people.

The ideas of flag banning and symbol smashing are rooted in tyranny. The Liberal culture is tyrannical. They are also stealthy and bigoted. Is it fair to call the President a tyrant? He is and not in a small way. So are the Flag Ban people. the Confederate Flag had nothing to do with the murders of nine Baptists in South Carolina by Dylan Root. Root wasn’t a racist as much as he was just plain crazy. Taking down the Rebel Flag is a marker of how many tyrants there are in power.

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