Byron York wrote: “THE VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY” in 2005. The book begins with the lie that the “Center for American Progress” is about America. It’s only about sliming Republicans. It’s the Democrat Party. Period. It’s part of Hillary’s Attack Machine. It raised millions and did Democratic Party Political Work. It broke the law, specifically the law that limits accepting money to influence an election. That’s in the book. That law, McCain-Feingold, aka. “The Bi-partisan Campaign Reform Act”, BCRA, was passed to control hidden money that is used to influence voters. The Democrats have collected and distributed billions to attack Republicans. They had a visceral demonic hatred of George W. Bush.

Why was McCain-Feingold passed? Because politicians accept bribes, are secrative about how much and from whom the bribes come and because they lie, thereby making elections unfair. Of course BCRA didn’t work because it cannot work because criminals are ingenious about breaking the law. Hillary is the latest example. Donald Trump is an exception. George Soros is a Democratic Enabler who paid billions in bribes. “THE VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY”, (TVLWC) proves all that. It was written ten years ago. The Political Corruption has gotten worse.

TVLWC names many of the corrupt people like: George Soros who bankrolled the Democrats; Al Franken, Michael Moore who is almost un-hinged, Ellen Malcolm who founded Democrat Money Machine :EMILY’s LIST, Steve Rosenthal, Harold Ickes and of course Hillary. They’re prominent in “THE VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY”. There is nothing on the other side to oppose TVLWC. No one has done more to destroy President George Bush which was the crazed goal of George Soros. He failed until Barack Obama was elected and then re-elected. Now Soros supports Hillary. These people are not good for America.

MoveOn is another corrupt organization that has admittedly violated BCRA. So are a lot of other 527 corps that were formed to avoid BCRA. Read the book. It names names, names organizations, gives dates and amounts and is aghast that the LEFT WING has gotten away with the violations of BCRA.

Soros at his luxurious home in the Hamptons “El Mirador” introduced “VOTER CONTACT” a new way to target individual voters in their homes armed with twisted, market tested political propaganda. AMERICA COMING TOGETHER is another Soros supported weaponized Democrat organization. In 2004 just five people contributed $78 million and the grand total spent by the crazed Democrat Defeat Bush 527 corps who violated the spirit of BCRA came to $230 billion. AMERICA COMING TOGETHER developed elaborate deceptions to launder political contributions to 527’s to further avoid BCRA. Bad, bad people.

Arianna Huffington joked about wink-wink avoiding BCRA. Eliot Spitzer a woman abusing prostitute using former NY Governor who was famous “client#9” of the $1,000 to $5,500 an hour prostitutes at the Emperor’s Club played along with Arianna’s law-breaking joke. These are bad, bad people.

Michael Moore’s Fahrinheit 9/11, a lying attack movie full of hate for President George W. Bush was alleged to be successful in changing Republicans to Democrats but it turned out to an echo chamber that played well to specially selected Democrat Operators who already hated President Bush and who were instructed to sign previously written letters to the editors in yet another lousy attempt by lice called people to destroy President George W. Bush who unlike the Left Wing Nuts was a genuine good man.

THE VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY ties together the noise machine of the Democrat’s nation-wide efforts that eventually helped get Barack Obama elected twice but the American Voters are beginning to wake up to the conspiracy. We resent being wrongly manipulated by the media, by the movies and by the millionaires on the Left. These people are aligning behind Hillary who is a danger to Liberty.

Robert Borosage who headed “Campaign for America’s Future” is yet another part of the Democrat Secret Plan to take America into more Socialism and less Liberty. They wanted no military response and no war in retaliation to 9/11. Wes Boyd and Joan Blades, founders of Left Wing internet organizing is yet another Left Wing Fringe Organization. They went against the 82% of Americans who supported a strong response to 9/11 and terrorists.

Al Gore got into the act calling members of the Conservative Press “digital brownshirts”. He helped MoveOn raise $12,517,365 for the Left Wing. MoveOn instead of fighting against the monied interests in politics joined them.

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