The Tea Parties have evolved into lots of different groups across America. Both Bucks and Montgomery counties have vigorous “chapters” that work along side of, within and outside of the Republican party groups. For those who don’t get into the weeds of local politics the official political groups also divide into various sub-groups called “cliques”.

Joe Gale was a Republican candidate for Montco Commissioner. He was not endorsed by the party but came in second in a three candidate race; he lost. 19,000 to 16,000.

    Before the election

Joe was strongly criticized for being a one-issue candidate, viz., pro-life. There was some criticism before the election about Joe’s viability as a candidate. Since hindsight is 20-20 but foresight is very rare, below are printed sections of criticism of Joe Gale from Robert B. Scarloff, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.M.E., that took the form of several internal letters listing his objections. The foresight is amazing.


    “What was sadly apparent was the fact that everyone wanted to like Joe, regardless of the fact that he is a Republican-version of the proverbial “community organizer”; he has absolutely no experience [irrefutable] and demonstrated last month that he had performed absolutely no homework regarding the rudimentary knowledge-base that a sitting-Commissioner must employ. I reminded the listeners that he admitted not having read the budget [else I was prepared to ask a few follow-ups regarding, for example, the sale of the nursing home] and not having determined what programs/departments he would slash [as might the limited-government conservative that he professed to be]. Thus, he played the role of “nice guy” to the hilt, never previously challenged, when he meekly said he’d decide what to cut after having met with myriad department-heads.

    “In ’08, BHO effectively convinced people to read their own expectations into his candidacy; now, in ’15, Joe is portraying himself as the young guy “who should be given a chance” [*] claiming to be the “true” conservative; his being pro-life is the obvious driving-force here, notwithstanding the spate of rationalizations articulated otherwise [which were often delivered to a bemused yet “aware” individual, such as to myself]. Such a single-issue candidacy would be merely problematic were anyone else with SOME sort of knowledge/training/experience to have suddenly emerged, but it’s pathetic when a neophyte is stroked as a front for others with myriad agendae.”

Most of Bob’s critique is omitted because frankly it has strategies and tactics that would help the opponents. The major point is Bob’s analysis was spot on because Joe Gale lost the primary election.

Here’s another point. Within the Montco election was the Tea Party whose members are steeped in local politics. The Tea Parties serve two agenda’s. They work for and help Republican candidates. They generally work against the Democrats. The problem with Joe Gale was he was a single-issue candidate and that’s never good. Elected officials must work for all the people in a district and while that’s impossible because many issues become polarized, a stand must be taken that’s often broader than one officials ides.

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