Deon lost by 374 votes out of a total number of 8,218 who voted in Northampton. That’s 4.55% but it’s not the whole story. Deon received 3,836 votes but 4,738 Republicans voted. Why did 902 Republicans not vote for Deon? That’s a significant percentage of registered Republicans who didn’t vote the party line. It’s 19%. So just looking at the losing margin (4.55%) gives a false impression that the Republican loss was smaller than what it actually was. Nineteen percent of the Republican voters didn’t vote for Deon.

But there’s another number that’s important too. It’s the number of Republicans who voted for the Democrat. That number increases the number of Republicans who voted against Deon. That number would show the total level of dis-satisfaction among Republican voters. That’s the issue going foreword because that’s what needs to be addressed by the Republican leadership. Why are so many registered Republicans not satisfied with the tactics of the Republican leadership?

On the Democrat side, the number of Democrats who voted for Democrat Candidate Dr. Kimberly Rose was 2,974 but the total number of votes she received was 42% higher than the number of Democrats who voted. A 42% shift is extraordinary because it means Dr. Rose and the Northampton Democrats won in large measure because of the negative feelings towards the Republicans and their leadership.

If you followed those issues on the rest of this website you probably know in considerable detail many of the issues by which the Northampton Republican’s caused their own downfall. The Democrats worked much harder this election than they ever worked before so a lot of the credit for Dr. Rose’s victory is due to their extra hard work. What’s not quantified is the number of Republicans who worked against Deon.

It’s not accurate to blame only Vince Deon for losing control of Northampton for the first time in 300 years. Lots of Republicans worked very hard to win. But the damage was done over many years by the blindness of the Republican leadership. They failed to grasp how badly the public viewed their candidates and their activities. The loss of Northampton was caused because the Republican Leadership tried to paper over the problems when they should have taken steps to correct them. They kept supporting the bad actors instead of getting them out of power. They made other elected officials support the bad actors in Northampton. Out of fear many Republicans who should have stepped up decided to just go along and endorse the incumbent. Once again, just like four years ago, the voters had to do what the Republican Leaders failed to do.        

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