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Bottom Line? How can anyone think they can stop gay people from pledging their love, lives or anything they want to pledge to whomsoever they wish to so pledge?

The government can think they can stop it but come on. There’s no way to stop it.

Now however it doesn’t have to be done in secret.

Will those who oppose gay marriage change their minds because of the ruling by the Supreme Court? No. religious people especially are trained to never change their minds about the particular set of belief’s they support. In fact the ruling may make them even more determined to never support what they believe is morally wrong.

What about the commercial fallout? Will Christian bakers be more willing to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Of course not.

For some people gay marriage is something they must oppose. They will go on opposing it but they will develop strategies and tactics to push their beliefs underground.

Gay marriage is like gay people. It’s here to stay. So is gay divorce.

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