He was the undisputed Home Run King when Baseball was more difficult than it is today. Last night on the Sean Hannity show Carly Fiorina hit more home runs than the Babe and proved beyond doubt she would be a great President.

Except for two problems which probably aren’t problems when it comes to getting votes. On issue after issue Carly brought her “A” game and kept knocking it out of the park.

Fiorina is very smart. She had no written notes and didn’t need them at all during an intense hour long interview. Of course it was Sean Hanitty and the questions and answers might not have been rehearsed but it was a masterful performance by an extremely capable leader with more experience than most other people. Graceful and capable Fiorina slammed Hillary Clinton’s “disrespectful” response to the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks.

The former Hewlett Packard CEO said Clinton lied when she blamed Benghazi on a YouTube video. She added: terrorists who were watching Clinton’s Benghazi response likely concluded America “lacks the resolve to push back and challenge our adversaries.”

Fiorina told Hannity it was disrespectful to the Benghazi victims and their families when “Hillary Clinton [stood] over their caskets and sort of [continued] this fiction.”

Fiorina on Hillary: ‘Held a Bunch of Highfalutin Titles,’ Didn’t Accomplish Anything. As they say in Texas: “all hat; no cattle”.
The 2016 Republican presidential contender also said Clinton is neither honest nor trustworthy.

The two problems are her pro-life stand and her (minor) injection of God and religion into politics. Religion is personal and has no place in politics as the world is witnessing in the Middle East where religion is in firm, clear and savage control of millions of oppressed people. Leave religion to the clerics. Let the Pope not the politicians tell people about religion and especially keep the government’s powerful hands away from religious pronouncements.

Pro-choice is the better option because it includes pro-life and supports the full set of individual rights for women. Unless and until women’s rights including especially a woman’s right to control her own body men’s bodies won’t be safe and won’t be free of government maltreatment.

“There’s just so many questions that remain unanswered,” Fiorina said.

Fiorina added: Clinton’s policies “are bad for women” and said that it would be even worse for America than a third term with President Barack Obama if Clinton were elected president.

The new home run king is a queen who can hit more long balls than the Home Run King. She did America proud last night and she likes Scott Walker. “He’s make a good Veep”. That’s confidence in addition to perception that’s good for America.

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