Obamacare has a benevolent connotation. It sounds like a good thing but it’s a monstrous evil disguised as a wonderful benefit to help those who cannot afford a doctor. That’s nonsense because people used to be able to pay for a doctor until President Lyndon Johnson figured out how to get votes by hiring a few million workers to run a health scheme and charge the people taxes to pay the doctors. Obama just announced that Obamacare and expensive medicine is woven into the fabric of America. Those are metaphors. He means the Federal Government took over the management of Medicine. It’s not socialism, it’s crypto-Fascism paid for by taxation.

Taxation for medicine is simple confiscation of money. The so-called plunder is called taxation but whether it’s plunder or taxation it’s a deliberate taking of peoples money through the force of government. In 1943 while serving FDR a Democrat, Harold Ickes Senior figured out a way to get the money from people by forcing their employer to take it from them and send it to the Federal government. He called it Payroll Deductions. To work for FDR was to inhabit the world of a bandit who is above the criminal and moral law with the added benefit of immunity from the theft.

Demonize the rich because it’s always better to grab the dough from the mansion than the shack. Cram the get-a-way truck with money using the illicit scheme of robbing Peter to pay Paul because that way you can count on the vote of Paul.

Obama supports fairness by spreading around the wealth that he grabs by theft. How do you fairly spread around the money you stole? Impossible but his heart is so cold he ignores the plight of the victims of his theft while he says “The federal government will pay for Obamacare”. Perhaps Paul would die without paying for a doctor. He would cay it’s very noble to look beyond the theft of the money if a life could be saved. That of course is why morality is impossible for a brigand who wants you to turn a blind eye to the political predation it requires.

Obama has turned out to be a crypto-fascist who believes whatever he takes is good so long as he uses the stolen goods like a modern Robin Hood. But Robin stole back the money the sheriff stole from the poor. Obama simply steals the money for his dictatorial management of the doctors, the best of whom are leaving medicine because people don’t think well when they are oppressed.

Obama was supposed to protect the people not only from murder, rape and having their money and property cheated from them or taken outright by the threat of force. It’s called the protection of life, Liberty and property. Instead Obama has joined a long line of crypto-dictators who want nothing more complicated than to control people. He’s done that for almost seven years. The good news is his term is complete in January 2017 but until then he will become more insufferable.

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