In Northampton Township Republicans outnumber Democrats by 2,420 voters. That’s a 22% advantage in favor of the Republicans. On Nov 8th all of the Republican candidates won in Northampton except one.  4,738 Republicans voted but only 3,836 voted for Incumbent Republican Supervisor Vince Deon. Why did 902 Republicans not vote for a sitting supervisor? 902 divided by 4,738 is 19%. Why did the Northampton Republicans lose 19% of the registered Republican voters? If all of the registered Republican voters had voted for Deon he would have won by 538 votes. What caused the Republican voters to purposely abandon an incumbent supervisor, knowing the Democrats would be put in charge of the township? Remember that the same thing happened four years ago when two other incumbent supervisors lost to two Democrat challengers. Many reasons are offered and it’s certain that the Republican voters did not abandon the incumbent because of an oversight. All of the other Republican candidates won in Northampton. This was a deliberate no-confidence vote by 19% of the Republicans who voted. This was a serious loss for the Northampton Republican Party and the Republican leaders would be wise to identify the reasons that caused it and learn from it. As a registered Republican who supports the party, I warned them in February that it would happen. So I get to say: “I Told You”. Will they learn a lesson from the loss? I know these people. I’ve run against them. In fact, I’m the only person in Northampton who ran against every supervisor on the board of supervisors, both Democrat and Republican. My bet? They will continue to follow the wrong path. I hope not. I hope they will begin to do some of the right things to win back Northampton because that will benefit the people of Northampton, but at this moment my bet is that they will not because they cannot. Oh well.  


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