In his column today Mullane agrees with obliterating the Confederate Flag. He needs more information. He’s also using the professional version of “Bait and Switch” by starting his column by calling it the “Rebel” flag which is as American as The Declaration of Independence then changing over to the Confederate Flag when he knows it’s the same thing. Mulland wants it both ways. He want’s to be a rebel when it suits him then an American when rebellion is too much.

Janet has the opposite view and she wrote a letter to him. He suggested she submit it to the Courier as the opposing view which she did. He should be published soon.
Here’s Janet’s Letter to J.D.

“What’s next, the toppling of the South’s war hero statues? The desecration of the South’s civil war cemeteries? And, yes, thousands of those fighting for their geographic part of America were farm boys who owned no slaves. I am a “right-thinking” American and I do attribute “valor” and “bravery” to those American souls who lost their lives or their limbs. Do you really believe they didn’t love their country?

“You seem to have this “Dukes of Hazard” conception about most Southern young men. What about the “young men” in the North who spend so many nights killing each other in shootouts in our cities? The country is shocked by the murder of 9 black people by 1 white nut. What about the 17 people shot in two different incidents in Philly last weekend? Why is that so very much overlooked? The answer is because it is commonplace. The Charleston shooting was a rare occurrence in today’s world.

“This morning I remarked to my husband that I thought politicians perpetrate this politically correct nonsense because they look to reelection. He disagreed. He put the blame on the media. Your column today supports his theory.

“It shocks me that a flag that to so many does represent “pride” and “heritage” should be removed with dishonor when mosques that spawn known terrorists are allowed to remain open on our American soil. Louis Farrakhan today is railing against our American flag. Anyone who isn’t the least bit frightened for our country’s future is dull witted or sorely uninformed.

“Your article, whether you realize or not, just contributed to the powerful politically correct agenda that is smothering American rights.

Janet O’Neill

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