What an opportunity for President Obama to ratchet up the hate in America while the world watches him give the eulogy for the murdered pastor in Charlestown, South Carolina tomorrow. Despite the cries of: “we forgive” the President and Cornel West want no part of forgiving “the white crackers who spew racism”. West is against white people. He calls us oppressors. He has no evidence except his clouded vision and his half-baked out-of-date reading of the historical record which he inverts. White people fought and died in the American Civil War to stop slavery in America. West resents the lack of sufficient blackness in America but he has a crude and disgusting hip-hop attitude towards both black and white people.
(HERE). West has made Rap and Hip-Hop recordings.

West is a professional shock-jock with a Ph.D. from Princeton. He and Obama both have degrees from Harvard. Who paid for them?

President Obama is far more nuanced and sophisticated so watch and listen to his eulogy tomorrow as he does his best to rip apart Americans based on skin color, just like West.

The bottom line on black people? How about this. If Obama, West and Sharpton want to help black people they need to got over to sub-Sahara Africa and straighten out the corruption there because there are tens of millions more poor black people in Africa than in America. Unfortunately, the facts about slavery are not the lessons taught in America. The gross misrepresentation is that slavery was a uniquely American practice done by racist white people to black people. Despite abundant historical evidence, youngsters are taught nothing about how the founding fathers quarreled, debated and agonized over the slave issue. Obama sure won’t refer to that in his eulogy about the professor. That’s because they judge and hate people based on skin color. Two crude men.

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