He allowed 121 Illegal Immigrants to stay in America where they murdered 121 Americans. (HERE).

Obama not only decreased the number of illegal immigrants who were sent back from where they immigrated, he told them how to renew their two-year work permits, not that he would send them back if they weren’t caught because he decided not to try to catch them.

Obama’s father was born in Kenya where the people are forbidden to own a gun. Obama likes the laws of Kenya that forbid guns but he hasn’t been able to take guns away from Americans so he’s taking away the bullets. His problem is still the Second Amendment which prohibits bullets to be banned. The Founders were smart enough to include bullets in their idea that free people are free to own guns and bullets. Instead of listing everything they just called guns and bullets “Arms”. That even includes gunpowder, empty cartridges that can be filed with the stuff and primers that can be used to fire the bullets out of the cartridges.

The really good news about Obama and his wife who took 37 vacations in the last six years, is they bought a home in Hawaii which is half an ocean away from most of America. He could have bought in Hong Kong which would be even better because it’s even further from America. He would be happy there because the Chinese Communists won’t let him buy bullets or guns. That’s a win-win for America.

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