Really, -what’s so great about a guy with almost $9 billion dollars? You hafta ask?

One great thing is he wins. He wins so much that he should be President so America can get back into the winning column. Trump knows America has been sold out to the intellectualoids who have been ruining America with their PC nonsense that lost Iran after it was taken away from Saddam Hussein by George W. Bush, the American military and a lot of American money. Trump knows that; hates that and has some great ideas how to get Iraq back into the win column which means getting rid of the Islamic State that took it away from Iraq.

Trump said” “Our country is in serious trouble”. He said: “I beat China all the time”. Obama can’t say that.

Trump said: “When did we beat Japan at anything? When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo?” He has a point. American cars should be all over the world. American cars should be able to compete against Mercedes, Audi, Volvo and especially against Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. Hyundai? That’s not even Japanese, it’s Korean. Why is it being made here and sold here? Lets get the rules changed so America can compete on a level field with at least the Koreans. You remember the Korean War, right? general MacArthur and the military won that. Why aren’t the grateful South Koreans buying American to show their gratitude? trump can get the rules changed to make America competitive again instead of being forced to compete with both hands tied.

Trump talked about Mexico and said they are laughing at us, at our stupidity. He said America needs a border fence and he would get Mexico to pay for it. Ha-Ha laughed the intellectualoids because they only know how to lose to Mexico. If Mexico doesn’t build a fence Trump might send people into Mexico until Mexico builds the fence.

“The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everyone else’s problems.” Then he went into some of the places that have been doing the sending. South and Latin America. Mexico. The Middle East and that Obama has no clue from where all of the immigrants are coming from because he, (Obama), has almost no control over the borders.

“Islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the Middle East…….And it’s got to stop fast”. “The Islamic terrorists just built a hotel in Syria.”
“They took 2,300 Humvees”.

“Our gross domestic product is zero” Whoever heard of this?”

“Our real unemployment is 18 to 20 percent. Don’t believe the 5.6%”

“I’ll bring back jobs from China, from Mexico, from japan, from so many places. I’ll bring back our jobs. I’ll bring back our money.”

“How stupid are our leaders?”

“How about Bergdahl? We gat a traitor and they got five people who want to kill us.”

It’s time to make America great again. It’s time to elect Trump.

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