But the King was forced to give up some power to a bunch of aristocrats. Magna Carta wasn’t about freedom or individuals rights. Neither was the Declaration of Independence which was a declaration of War against the King.

Kings and other leaders like those who lead nations, religions or cults are notoriously against Individual Rights because they undermine the power of kings and cults alike. Want some proof? Listen to the Pope’s Speech when he comes to Philly.

The Pope has really gone off message. Instead of God he’s into global warming caused by the sun. Is he changing the Christian God to the Egyptian Sun God? Remember, – the Pope is no friend of nature. He’s supposed to tell us how to overcome nature, at least the part that involves our bodies in favor of the church’s vision about life in the afterworld. The Pope isn’t really into this world. He’s knows all about the next one but little about this one except in his mind this one isn’t so hot.

Religions are about control, just like governments. Magna Carta was about control and shortly after the King agreed with it he cancelled it. He waited until he could get more knights on his side then he did what Kings do. He went back to ruling other people.

So what’s the big deal about Magna Carta? It was a written agreement from the King that showed he could be forced to give up a bit of power. That was 800 years ago and things went sour for people until Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence that took away the colonies from the king. That took another 560 years so Magna Carta didn’t do much. It was like the thin edge of the wedge. It started the idea of how to get rid of the King. Neither document got rid of government.

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