Ferguson happened when Obama showed the criminals how to riot, burn and kill by endorsing Mike Brown and condemning the police for arresting the criminals. The President actually endorsed using the Mike Brown narrative that sparked riots as fodder for public school assignments across the country.The left-leaning Huffington Post in August created a five-step plan for injecting the racial and racist conflict into classroom lectures.

The suggested course of action begins with teachers asking students “what they know, and what they want to know,” followed by assisting them in making “connections between the Michael Brown shooting and similar cases that have emerged in recent history.” Mumia Abdul Jamal provides additional material.

Obama and Sharpton are ripping this nation apart. Holder was on a state to state mission to incite riots and mayhem. Sharpton carries water for Obama to instill a new twist to the civil rights movement. He wants reverse racism and he’s the tinder for a race war. This isn’t social activism. It is racial terraforming. It’s full of hate and division and it’s design and purpose is to push the Progressive meme of justice and his message is there are those who are repressed and they should be the ones who rule America.

These men are racially dystopian. They are stuck in their deeply flawed racial world. None so blind…..

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