It might become the iconic Immigration Photo as 500 immigrants left Africa and headed to Italy in an open boat. In the photo they are looking up at the helicopter smiling because they were headed to a white supremacist run culture viz., Europe.

They were a small percentage of the millions of non-whites immigrating into White Supremacist America. The idea of joining cultures ruled by white people must be very appealing to the 500 as well as the millions crossing the Southern United States border in one direction.

Why do emigrees spend so much time, money and treasure to leave their hell-hole cultures and run into America? Why is America such a golden dream to so many immigrants? Define white supremacy any way you want and it is a radiant beacon to millions trapped in poverty by government corruption where bribery is so common that people bribe their governments to come to America. These people know more about non-white supremacy than Americans who began their white supremacist nation in the year 1606 at Jamestown and 1620 at Plymouth Rock.

Communist China remains firmly under the control of non-white despots which helps explain why 147 thousand Chinese came to America in 2013. Same for Mexico where 125 thousand Mexicans legally came to America and 129 thousand Indians. And if America is guilty of mistreating Native Americans why are they so happy that they all stay in America where white supremacists are in charge? The Economist reported that of the 14 civil rights activists on the cover of Asia Weekly in 2005, all but one “disappeared”. The one exception was a lawyer who had fled the country before the magazine was published.

It’s not a stretch to explain why white supremacist nations are the go-to cultures to which so many immigrants flee their own despotic non-white cultures. The reason for the blessings available to the non-white world by leaving their birth cultures and fleeing to white supremacist cultures is that the white supremacist cultures are worth fleeing to because their core values work best.

America’s culture is upside down compared to the third worlds where government is the problem. In America the entire system is designed to stop government oppression and America does it so well that people run to America. Is that because the white supremacist system works best? Why else are people running to get into Europe and America?

Wanna find out? Ask the 500 people in the open boat who are headed to white supremacist run Europe. There are 500 answers in that boat.

Thanks to John Derbyshire at Vdare for the white supremacist idea above.

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