Bruce transmogrified into Caitlin. Obama needs to transmogrify from an American Pharaoh into an American Patriot. Where are the mushrooms? Is it correct to call the President the Pharaoh? Sure. He’s helped the radical Islamists as much as possible. When he lived in Indonesia he went to a madrasa because his step-father was a Muslim but not a radical Muslim.

Is Islam the problem in the Middle East or is it Roman Catholicism, the religion of the Crusaders who were formed and operated to overthrow the Islamists there. Is rice white? There’s brown and even black rice but that’s not the way to bet. At this stage of his Presidency Obama is more of a problem than ever. If the Supreme Court follows the rules of reason Obamacare will finally be either severely modified or cancelled.

Of course Obamacare violates the rules of reason because it violates the Constitution more than Magna Carta violated the monarchy but no one ever called Obama a patriot. That’s sillier than blaming the Inquisition on peanut butter. Back to American Pharaoh owned by the colorful Egyptian born Ahmed Zayat, a betting Jewish Horseman. Whew! How many stereotypes are represented by the equine American Pharoah? Not as many as the President who needs to transmogrify ASAP for the good of the Americans. Where are those mushrooms? Would Choom Gang Grass work?

What about the obvious lies about Iran from the White House like lies that the riots in Ferguson were caused by racism like the arrest of out-of-control “Beer Summit Professor” Henry Gates whose arrest was caused because Obama thought he was too white? Where are those mushrooms?

The goodbye kiss to America caused by being saddled and ridden by this uber-authoritarian regime that’s deaf to our cries, dumb to our troubles, blind to our needs, and accountable to no one. Thanksgiven to the Grey Falcon for that. As Don Rumsfield said about unknown unknowns: there is a limit to how much you can know, but no limit to how much you don’t know but think you do.

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