The lady can’t help it. She wasn’t born that way. No one is. She became not only a snob, she defies the rules in a particularly mean way. She’s going on her 37th free taxpayer-paid vacation in six years, this time to England and Italy where she’ll hob-nob with Prince Harry and as well as The Pope. Six vacations a year is not a world record but it is some kind of bad example to the poor people.

Oprah Winfrey doesn’t very much appreciate Michelle Obama because she, “constantly one-ups the president and anybody else around her.” Also, “It appeared to Oprah that Michelle was jealous of her, furious that Barack was seeking her advice instead of Michelle’s.” Oprah didn’t like being with Michelle according to “Blood Feud” by Ed Klein. Oprah raised a boatload of money for Obama to get him elected but once that happened the Obama’s dumped her. “It slowly dawned on Oprah that the Obama’s had absolutely no intention of keeping their word and bringing her into their confidence.”
Oprah turned spiteful and, “retaliated by prohibiting stories about the Obama’s from appearing in her magazine, O, and vowed not to campaign for Barack in 2012,” according to the Mail Online.

The two entities have been secretly feuding ever since. Turns out not all is well in the land of cupcakes and rainbows as some would have you believe.

According to “Impressions and Observations of Secret Service personal assigned to guard the President and First Ladies”, Barack and Michelle are awful people deep inside. They are the Clinton’s all over again” – Michelle hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service. Barack is egotistical and cunning; looks you in the eye and appears to agree with you, but turns around and does the opposite—untrustworthy. He has temper tantrums. She is a complete bitch, who hates anybody who is not black; hates the military; and looks at the Secret Service as servants. In a word, they are snobs. that means Michelle too.

Her abuse and bullying of the White House staff is legendary and earned her the nickname of “Monster Michelle” from the staff.

Michelle is angry and it constantly shows. Read her speeches about how hard Barack and her had it at Princeton and Harvard. She’s no dummy but Michelle is surrounded by subordinates vastly more intelligent than she. She supposedly is rude to all non-blacks except for long time white brownnosers from Barack’s Chicago days. Read her “senior thesis” , the crowning jewel of her four years at probably the best undergraduate school in the US. She must, as an AA, have been in class around white and Asian kids and realized these kids are way smarter than me so she retreated behind her black skin and blamed Princeton for not hiring more black professors. She failed to grade the professors or the other students in her thesis but she was clearly out of her depth at Princeton. But nothing is ever her fault.

Michelle is famous for being the first lady; for ruining school lunches by replacing enjoyable eatables with food that most of the kids threw in the garbage. She also started a garden on the White House Grounds but so did lots of other people. She will be remembered only for her lavish vacations. Oh yes, and for being black even though she had nothing to do with it.

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