Ever see a mob break into a CVS, loot it and set it on fire? Do Ferguson Missouri, and Baltimore Maryland come to mind? Did you watch the video’s of mobs throwing large chunks of concrete at the police? What about the President siding with Michael Brown and Travon Martin who were perpetrators of crimes? What’s gone wrong in America?

It’s not all of America, it’s some criminals in “inner cities”, a euphemism for some American Black’s who are emboldened by the wrong vibes from the President of the United States who said: “I could have been Travon”. Really? Travon was a criminal.

Barack Hussein Obama is President because he was elected, not because he passed a test grading his support of all people. He would have failed that test just as he’s failed the memory of his mother. His race is a combination of Black and White but his attitude is anti-white, probably because he views his race as a cruel trick played on him. He’s wrong there too.

No one can speak for Obama’s mind-set. A product of some extremely Liberal and Left-wing mentors, perhaps he’s angry because they made him into a victim of his mothers race. Alternately, he’s angry because he’s something he would rather not be, a half black man. But he’s not a half-black man, he’s bi-racial and he could have decided that was an advantage because it provided him with insight into two separate worlds. Again, in the alternative, maybe he’s angry because he doesn’t fit in either world. Where does he fit?

The answer is important because he’s an important role model for black Americans. They take his words far more serious than they take the words of white leaders whom they judge to be their enemies. By offering them support he gave them encouragement to rob and burn white owned businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore. The mayor of Baltimore ordered the police not to interfere with the robbing and looting. That demoralized the police who were trained to arrest people who robbed and burned buildings. What are the police to do?

If the police in Baltimore arrest the robbers and fire-starters, they put themselves in needless dangers. The mayor and the President support the criminals. the police are officially the enemy. That’s how order comes apart in a culture and it explains why crime is going up in Baltimore, Ferguson and New York city. When the police are condemned by civil authority who will keep order? Certainly not the Mayor of Baltimore. The rioters won’t attack her. She’s on their side.

The criminals of Baltimore are the cause of the crime in Baltimore. Neither the President nor the mayor get that. They believe the crime is a protest against police because the police needlessly bang around the citizens. The police also stop black people because they are black, not because other black people commit crimes. The Attorney General actually said he was stopped because he is black. But suppose he was stopped because of erratic driving? Because he’s black supposedly he has a built-in excuse. He’s a victim of racism, But suppose he’s bigoted against white people, a charge that’s prevalent among the black community just as racism is in the white community. Racism, bigotry and police behavior need to be constantly kept in mind but those ideas aren’t a license to rob and burn. There are plenty of advocates who will willingly go into the inner cities and support justice for the people there. There are leaders who will support justice while disregarding race. But, unfortunately for America some of the leaders are more interested in revenge than justice. Maybe the next President will help. Until then we’re all in more danger than necessary.

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