That’s plural for there are many. With all respect and sympathy for Caitlyn her problems are not over. They probably will never be. Caitlyn certainly deserves peace, at least the intellectual rest that comes from a mind in the state of acute awareness that everything’s OK. From her story which began as a boy aware there was something different going on within him.

What about the publicity? The glare of paparazzi; the stares of the well-meaning curious as well as the stares from the malevolent and the constant drumbeat that she’s doing it for the money are problems from which most people never brush against.

But it is what it is so let’s take on the analysis. This is the way nature sometimes works. No fault of Jenner or his ancestors, this is nature along with doctors and psychologists. Jenner’s journey is a great burden that’s being made much better because of money. His procedures, which are not over, come at a price beyond the means of most people. Fortunately for most people they never need such considerations. Good.

Jennerworld is vastly different than the world of most other people. He’s trapped in a web that’s not Jenner’s doing. Nature did this. Nurture and people are trying to help. The spectacle helps keep itself going. Without the success of the spectacle Caitlyn would not be in this situation.

One thing is certain. Government needs to back off. This is not Obama’s business. It’s beyond his skill set as well as his pay grade. Jenner is doing this with Jenner money. Fine. It’s America where Caitlyn is possible but probably nowhere else. Certainly not in the entire Middle East where death would be the expectation because of the fundamentals there.

Jenner is a victory for America; a win for Liberty. Like it or not, this is how important one life is in this exceptional place. Jenner therefore is good for America.

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