He was handed a victory by George W. Bush. He admitted the Bush Victory. Then he and Hillary gave it all away to Iran. Gave Iraq to the enemy of America. So bad was the screw-up that the Saudi’s said: “We were America’s best friend in the Arab world for 50 years,” a lament by Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief. So was Israel and a lot of other nations that have abandoned all hope for change while Obama remains in office. This is serious stuff. This is not playing in the sandbox but both Hillary and Obama squandered American assets in Iraq.

Hillary and Obama. Two of the least trustworthy heads of state. A President and a candidate for the Presidency who should be in the loony bin of history.

Iraq is the biggest loss of history if it’s calculated in U.S. Dollars. It’s even worse when the dead are included. American military who distinguished themselves and handed a victory to Obama and Hillary who proceeded to waste it. Obama really screwed the pooch, messed up shit the bed blew it dropped the ball and utterly failed. These are wrong people.

Obama and Hillary could have pulled out of Iraq and increased the U.S. Air Force in bases outside of Iraq and kept Iran from supplying Syria by air.

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